Greene County, Arkansas at a Glance

Greene County
is located in the Northeastern part of the state of Arkansas.

It is adjoined by the counties of: Clay, Randolph, Lawrence, and Craighead. It also borders the St. Frances River, which runs between Greene and Dunklin County, Missouri. Greene County has rich, flat delta farmland in the eastern and western parts of the county and rolling hills in the center that includes Crowley's Ridge.

Paragould, the County Seat
Paragould is currently the county seat of Greene County. Greene County now enjoys a new courthouse that was completed in 1997. The complex has 39,000 square feet.

Towns & Communities
There are four incorporated towns in the rural area of the county: Oak Grove, Lafe, Marmaduke, and Delaplaine. There are also several small communities, some of which are: Bard, Bethal, Bertig, Brighton, Beech Grove, Evening Star, Gainesville, Halliday, Fontaine, Hooker, Light, Lorado, Stanford, Stonewall, and Walcott.

Greene County currently has one hospital, four school districts, one college, two technical colleges, and two state parks. There are several factories, restaurants, agriculture, and shopping centers.

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