County Clerk's Office

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:30

320 West Court Street Room 102
Paragould, AR 72450

Phone: 870-239-6311
Fax: 870-239-6320


The County Clerk's Office has many duties and services that they carry out for Greene County. The County Clerk is the official bookkeeper of county government and is the custodian of absentee ballots and assists the county election commission in the overall process of elections. The duties of the County Clerk's Office include:

- Probate court

- County payroll

- Accounts payable

- Marriage licenses

- Voter registration

- County Court records

- Quorum Court records

- Assumed names/DBA

- Record minister's credentials

Service Fees

All fees are to be paid with cash or money order.

- Marriage License: $60

- Initiation for any cause in Probate Court: $165

- Small Estate: $25

- Filing an affidavit of claim against an estate: $5

- Accounting filed after one year: $50

- Reopen any probate court case: $50

- Assumed Name/DBA: $25

- Copy of Marriage License: $1

- Certified Copy: $5

- Copies: $.25/page


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 Clerk's Staff

Phyllis Rhynes

Phyllis Rhynes
County Clerk

Responsible for the daily operation of the county clerk's office.

Lindsey Ward
Deputy Clerk

Responsible for accounts payable.

Jeanine Wilbur
Chief Deputy Clerk

Responsible for probate records.

Kristi Rawls
Election Coordinator

Responsible for voter registration.

Vickie French
part-time Deputy Clerk

Morgan Pasion
Deputy Clerk


To apply for a marriage license, both parties must come to the County Clerk's office and present a valid ID and Social Security Number.

For underage marriages, females must be of seventeen years of age.

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